I have said it before and I say it again. Anthropogenic global warming is a hoax. The proof is that no person who seriously believed that the use of carbon based energy was causing catastrophic climate change would be a total energy slut. Yet the chief and self anointed spokesman for global climate change, Al Gore, is an energy slut, video: 

Until such time as Gore takes his own message seriously, there is no reason to believe Gore’s doom and gloom fairy tale.

Al Gore's limosinesMemo to Steve Benen, Carpet Bagger Report, when Gore talks about ambitous plans to cut energy consumption, he talking about other people.   Gore may want you to cut back on the energy you use.   He sees no need to cut back on the energy he uses.   Those are two Lincoln Towncars, and not bicycles, by which Gore had himself transported to his climate speech.   Then as Leona Helmsley might say, “Sweating if for the little people.”

Hat tip and more Jay Tea, Wizbang, “Limosine Liberals” :

I’ll believe there’s a crisis when those who say it’s a crisis behave as if it’s a crisis

Judging by Gore’s girth, it would behoove him to ride a bicycle, a lot.\


Added photo.  Hat photo and more, Michelle:

Addendum ][:( Bit) I’ll be touching on this in tonight’s Ramble.

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