Mrs. Wiilliam ClintonEvidently the New York Times must pay John Heilemann by the word, and gee I thought piece work was illegal.   Heileman attempts to explain “The Fall and Rise of Hillary Clinton:”

The victor and the vanquished are standing in a cluttered hallway backstage at the Washington Convention Center, conducting a conversation short and sweet-for one of them, at least. It’s just around noon on June 4, less than twelve hours after Barack Obama crossed the finish line ahead of Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination. Obama and Clinton are here to speak to the annual conference of the influential Jewish lobbying group AIPAC. I am here to meet Hillary for what will be the final interview of her campaign-and, apparently, to clock a little history in the making

While Heilemann gets paid by the word, I don’t.  Mrs. Clinton lost because B.J. Cinton’s coat tails can only only bear just so much dead weight.   Mrs. Clinton’s accomlishments a stellarly lacking.  For her much proclaimed thirty five years of experience, Mrs. Clinton had no accomplishment outside of managing bimbo eruptions.

Info copy:  Taylor Marsh.




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