A cow is a cow, without regard to color.  Mary C. Curtis, Washington Post, moos about the “Silence Of Feminists:”

Michelle Obama has become an issue in the presidential campaign even though she isn’t running for anything. An educated, successful lawyer, devoted wife and caring mother has been labeled “angry” and unpatriotic and snidely referred to as Barack Obama‘s “baby mama.”

Democrats, Republicans, independents, everyone should be offended.

And this black woman is wondering: Where are Obama’s feminist defenders?

Professor Althouse wonders “Is feminism about defending women from criticism? :”

The notion that it’s sexist to criticize women is itself sexist. Address the criticism. If it’s unfair, say why it’s unfair.

Just what are Curtis’ credentials as a feminist, if any?   I found no defense of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Curtis, who calls herself a black woman and a  feminist.   Yet no defense a black woman hero.  There seem to be few, if any,  true freminists.   Certainly Curtis is not among the few.


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  1. your blog is pathetic and encourages a flame. Take a writing class. Learn about dependent clauses and prepositional phrases. Then bombard the world with your misogyny.