• Twice this week we’ve started with a Bruce McQuain post. Unusual, but worthy. Bruce notes AL Gore’s endorsement of Obama, yesterday and says If Al wants him, I sure don’t … Interestingly, Fox has been running a headline reading: Gore Fuel Added to Obama Fire But what about Global Warming?
  • LGF has been reporting explosions in the houses of terrorists on the west bank, and wonders if they’re storing explosives in their homes. I’d say it’s a sure bet, but more, given the upswing in this kind of thing, I can’t help but wonder if we don’t have these animals setting up another mass attack. Such accidents would be consistent with bomb building activity. I wonder if they’re hiring Jimmy Carter to speak at the kick off…
  • Whoa, hold it. Don Henley endorses John McCain? Well, not really. Henley’s still an idiot. But one showing signs of eventual sentience.
  • Hey, Martin; Saw your reply. Look, man… Don’t get the idea I’m overtly praising Russert. I think our disconnect is your under-estimation as to how low I hold the status of most ‘journalists’ to be.  As in: Think whale poop and start digging. Perspective, man… perspective. Russert, for all the faults which I freely agree he had,  was truley the one eyed man  in the blind kingdom… and yet mediocre at best. Still, that placed him several levels above the vast majority out there. As I said last night… and perhaps you missed it for the placement… Russert, in short, was a standout only insofar as nobody else at NBC was/is.  To that degree, he was worth remarking about… That’s all I’m saying.
  • John Hawkins has been having mail issues since a server switch.
  • I’m finally catching up on my reading surrounding the USSC’s rendering of Boumediene v Bush. Fred Thompson shows he still has a firm handle on reality, here:

    Upon reading the opinion in Boumediene v Bush, one must conclude that the majority knew where they wanted to go and simply had to figure out how to get there.

    Well, yeah, that is about the size of the thing, no question.

  • By way of Glenn, I wonder what Billy thinks of this
  • All the morons so offended by the Obama Sock Monkey…. stop and ask yourself why you’re offending by Obama’s Sock Monkey, but not by this. Get back to me when you actually have the courage to face this one. So to speak.
  • Speaking of such matters, I note with some degree of pleasure over this fight with AP, the number of right-side blogs leading the fight. All in support of, at least ostensibly, a left wing smear site, the Drudge Retort. The question I’ve seen nobody ask is if it were a right-wing site being chased by AP, would the Drudge Retort and others on the left join the fight? I wonder. I wonder about that rather a lot.
  • Did you know that we are now at the lowest level of casualties in Iraq since the invasion back in 03? Funny, how we never were told about this.
  • The WaPo advises, today in what has to be the schtoopid headline of the week…: Poll Finds Independent Voters Split Between McCain, Obama   Which of course leaves us here at Bitsblog to wonder who else they think is involved in the race. Can’t get much by those newspaper types, can you? Which I guess goes back to what I was saying to Martin just now, doesn’t it?

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