• My older boy is graduating from High school tonight. I will doubtless blog about this further, on Sunday,  but I thought I should make note of the milestone. I’ve noted lately that they’ve been going by a bit faster.
  • Another Honorable mention at OTB’s caption contest.
  • From just down the road in Buffalo, comes word  of some of the better work the state has done of late. Make no mistake, with me at the helm this blog has enough typos in it to fill a floppy. But this thing goes well beyond typos… and the excuses are even worse. Want to know why the exodus has long since begin from Buffalo? there’s one major reason, right there.
  • Michelle Malkin notes that Rep Chris Cannon has lost his primary by about 20 points.  Seems every time Amnasty comes up as an issue, this kinda thing happens. You’d think the Republicans would get the message.
  • Speaking of citizenship, this citizenship thing with Obama is coming to a boil shortly, if I read the signs aright. Lots of background chatter, but no movement on the major news sources, yet.
  • That matter of the $22mUSD debt I mentioned of Hillary Clinton the other day won’t get solved until she can stop being pissed at him long enough. Sister Toldjah’s been folloing that aspect, and it doesn’t look from here where things are any less frosty than they were.  A nifty little diversion is what this amounts to… and they may hold it all in a pocket until it’s needed to make Obama look like a generous soul for the sake of party unity.  Never mind tha party unity among the Democrats is a joke lately.



3 Responses to “Nightly Ramble:Grad;Honorable Mention;Typo City;more”

  1. Come on, Bit.  No way did Thomas Sowell write or have anything to do with that rambling document or email or whatever it is that questions Obama’s citizenship.  If he had, it would make sense and contain no asterisk that didn’t signal an endnote.  It would also accurately report that Hawaii was a state, not a territory, when Obama was born in 1961.

    That much I know.  This much I’m inclined to believe.

    (Bit responds: Well, don’t you think my response in the original comment on this was a little…. ummmm… reastraied?? You of all people, Linda, should know that if I thought the story fully credible, I’d have been screaming bloody murder, and calling for a Swamp Stomper Blogswarm. As it is, I posted the raw text, said ‘if true’, and sat back to await developments.

    What I find amusing is the utter lack of forensics being applied to the issue. And the comment on the press is a part of that; they’ve not touched it; apparently thinking silence the best defense just now.)

  2. And congratulations to your oldest!

  3. Thanks!