• Headlines read: “Two charged with giving Amy Winehouse Drugs” Only two? She must be slipping.
  • Sad to see this report of at least 4 dying at the Boy Scout camp last night, on two fronts; The people who were there, the hurt, the dead, and the unhurt, who will doubtless bear the emotional scars… but also from the standppoint of government and insurance, who will in a well-meaning effort, try to ‘do something’ so it won’t happen again,  as if they have some ability to control it.
  • So James “the snake head” Carville is floating Al Gore as VP again? Yeah, THAT will fly, huh?
  • Oh, speaking of Gore and his hot air; If you want some basic framework for the accuracy  of ‘global warming’ theories, take a look at this 1993 article in the New York Times.
  • The really sad part of John Kerry’s charge about how ‘out of touch’ John McCain is, is that most folks still remember the other-worldly look and feel of Kerry’s own campaign in 2004. And does this kind of attack represent Obama’s “new politics?”
  • Well, look, this kind of development is both expected and expected to repeat itself throughout the election process. Given the conditons set by Obama himself, one could hardly expect otherwise.What are those conditions? We cannot discuss questions of his character. We cannot discuss the character of those with whom he has had long and influential associations. We cannot discuss his most closely held belief systems. We cannot examine his past actions. We can, however, discuss his race… And I note Willis taking full advantage of this.So much for the post racial society.
  • So, Johnson is now gone from Obama’s VP Team?  Gotta write a song for Obama called “Under the Bus” sung to the tune of Carole King’s “Up On The Roof”. The laughable irony is she’s likley an Obama supporter. And spare me the Clintonian ‘they do it too’ defense… How does that make the argument against Obama any weaker, or the argument against McCain, any stronger? Rmember, please, that there are a number of us out here who aren’t all that happy with either one of ’em.
  •  Obama wants higher gasoline prices. Did you get that? Read it again.  Democrats are not on your side, America.
  • And finally with Obama, he’s moved DNC operations to Chicago. Well, that fits. The DNC goes where the corruption is. Or is that the other way around? I keep forgetting.
  • Yeah, well, I’ve got news for you. Most women that would wear such a shirt wouldn’t even get a second glance from me.  For one thing, you don’t know where it’s been.


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