• I see Don Imus is in trouble again. Gee, what a shock, huh? Look, let’s be honest here; PacMan Jones is about as worthless a human being as one might ever be able to contrive.  As Imus points out, he’s been arrested more often than the average street hooker, and that doesn’t account for the mjisdeeds he did, but managed to avoid arrest by some means or another.   That said, however, we have two other situations driving this are political correctness, and the historical willingness on the part of Imus to kiss race huckster backsides, like that of Al Sharpton for example…. (Who it must be said is somewhere bloew whale poop himself on the evelutionary scale of post-racialism)  What this comes down to is some folks have an aversion to the truth. And Imus is now suffering because he didn’t have the testicular mass to stand up to these racial thugs when he had the chance.I doubt he’ll get the reaction this time, that he did the last time. Jerry Wright’s racism got too much of a pass for Imus to be skewered too badly for this comment. Dont’ want to make Obama look bad this close to the election, after all. But to the degree he is for this and future events, he’s only got his reaction last time, to blame. (Photo is an old MSNBC file photo)
  • From the Ethenol newsfront, a study which shouldn’t shock anyone. Ethenol production has raised food prices, but hasn’t done a bloody thng for fuel prices. Pretty much as we predicted here.
  • I still say the Iraqi WMD went to Syria.
  • James Dobson is correct, as far as he goes, here. But of cousre, he’s not going to change many minds. we’ve discussed this guy before. He’s well beyond the point where anyone outisde the church, and many within, can take him seriously. Which in this case is not a good thing.
  • The real disgrace here is that the idiot at the Star likley still has a job.
  • Ah, yes, the global warming monster. When the left gets pressed on stuff like this, the reaction is one of kneejerk authoritariansim that would amke crazy Uncle Hugo beam with pride… and this report is a prime examlpe of this.  So much for the compassion they’d like to project themselves as having.  Have you ever wondered why the left finds themselves so enamoured with Che, and with crazy uncle Hugo, with Castro, and the like? It’s because tha’s who the left really is. When they’re under threat, as they are about ‘global warming’ they fall back on their roots.  And why are they in trouble?The models… the numbers they’re plugging into the computers to come up with their “proof” of global warming; if you plug historical numbers into them, they don’t predict what we have today. That seems a major issue they’ve not addressed; if they cannot explain with their model how we got where we are, how are we to take them at their word about where we’re going, using the same figures?Also; The concentration on the matter of CO2 to the exclusion of all else seems a major concern. 95% of all global warming is water vapor caused. The models they’re using to ‘prove’ their theory don’t even take this into account. Why’s that, you may reasonably ask… and I suggest the reason is that water vapor cannot be controled, and that thereby man cannot be made out the bad guy and thus broughht under control of those pushng ‘global warming’.And in the end, that’s what all this global warming BS is… it’s about control. Political Power. The ability to check the growth of the successful. As we go on, more and more people are figuring out that he whole global warming thing is a hoax.
  • Doing our run to Fostoria Ohio on Saturday. I’ll have pictures Sunday afternoon.
  • You who have diabetics in the family (I have two) will be interested in this.
  • Elian Gonzalez. There’s a name to remember. Eight year ago, already, it was, that Janet Reno’s storm troops kidnapped the boy from his stateside relatives, after his mother had died trying to get both herself and the boy to freedom… and away from Casto’s Cuba. Remember? Thank God they managed to do it, at least without burning the place and everyone in it to the ground. It seems likely to me that Gore lost Florida based on that situation,  and would have lost Florida if Mickey Mouse had been running against him. So, along comes Greg Craig, who represented his absentee father in Cuba, and Eric Holder, who was Janet Reno’s number 2 back in the day.  Both of them turn up on Barack Obama’s staff, and are odds on favorites for the Attorney General’s office.  No shock that Obama tries to minimze the damage these two did in that case.Recall, please that this was consdiered a straightforward custody case, and the boy being with his father… who hardly knew him until this came up, was suppsedly of highest import. Well, as was predicted, as soon as he went back to Cuba, Gonzolez, now 14 became a full ward of the state… someone for the Castro regime to trott out on holdays. We see he’s now a member of the Communits Youth movement there.  So it is that the reality of this situation is far different from what he Demorats in general, and Holder and Criag…and now Obama, particualrly, portrayed it as.

    And I’ll tell you this; Obama will lose Florida… the resentment over that kid being forced to live in that hellhole, has if anything, grown.

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