• Been getting downright crazy traffic the last couple months, and none of it bigger than the last week or so. No particular reason I can see. Usually when we get traffic spikes it’s due to one article or another that some other blogger or feed site has linked. Not so, here. No idea why, but I’m enjoying it.
  • Boortz wonders about something I’ve been asking for some months, now:

    Can anyone name a more inexperienced presidential candidate in modern American history than Barack Obama?

    Well, no, though Ross Perot and Ralph Nader come really close. It does strike me though that this comparison is apt, in that the supporters of Nader and Perot thought his lack of ties to Washington (Nee; Experience) a net positive.

  • Speaking of Boortz, I remarked last night about Rezko. Neal does this morning. I dunno as Rezko will of hismelf be a deal-breaker for a White House shot, but I do think it’s an additional leak for the SS Obama, a ship already showing many such leaks. As Boortz suggests, we’re talkinga botu someone who has at each opportunity shown a serious lack of judgement. Eventually, this stuff has to catch up with him. Hopefully, before he actually attains the White House.
  • Terence P. Jeffrey over at CNS makes the same point I’ve been making about oil for some months and years, now:

    Contemplate this the next time you spend $60 or more filling up your tinny little car with gasoline made from imported oil: The U.S. government knows where it can get its hands on more untapped petroleum than exists in the proven reserves of Iran or Iraq, which have 136 billion barrels and 115 billion barrels, respectively.This unexploited stock of crude is greater than what the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports is in the proven reserves of Russia (60 billion barrels), Libya (41.5 billion barrels) and Nigeria (36.2 billion barrels) combined.

    It is more than Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela has (80 billion barrels). It is more than is now known to sit beneath the waters and sands of Kuwait (101.5 billion barrels) or the United Arab Emirates (97.6 billion barrels).

    So, where is all this oil? And why aren’t they pumping it?

    What cartel is holding it off the market, to drive up prices at American gas stations and American supermarkets? What insidious power is stifling the free market for this vital commodity and thus threatening the vitality of our economy?

    It is us, of course. We are the culprits. We are responsible for artificially increasing oil prices. It is our oil that sits untapped beneath our deserts, our forests, our swamps and our oceans. It is our politicians — the ones we freely elected, and re-elected, and re-elected — who are not allowing our oil to be drilled by us and sold to us.

    All in the name of ‘the environment’ of course. Joyner points up that George Will is saying the very same thing.

  • I”m sooooo verrrry tired of this, you don’t know. Would they feel better if the toddler had been killed by a Prius?  Heck, I doubt it would have made the news at all. So much for the myth of Fox being the voice of the right, by the way.
  • You likely won’t hear much about this, either.  Can you imagine the lawsuit because the doctor didn’t manage to kill the kid outright? Sorry, Gang, but the moral implications of this stuff is obvious.
  • I see where Iran is threatening to sue western nations for ruining it’s reputation. Isn’t that kinda like Eliot Spitzer and his call girls suing the press?


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