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Nightly Ramble: Back in the Saddle Again

[1]OK, I’m back. Well, really I was back yesterday, but because my hours were so screwy Friday and Saturday because of the Fostoria Ohio trip, I really wasn’t fully back into it, all day on Sunday, and frankly, I’m still not hitting on all holes yet.  Essentially, yesterday was a jet lag day, where I recovered from the hours inflicted on us by the demands o the trip.  well, that and I made a first crack at wading through the gigs of vid and stills we took while there, looking for a few to post. I’ll get to that, tonight, and you’ll see the first of that stuff tommorow, perhaps.

Driving, particularly long haul driving, is when I usually have lots of time to myself to think, and with the price of fuel of late, it’s a time that comes all too rarely.  One of the things I’ve been considering is this blog, and it’s future. Both it’s look and feel and it’s writing. I’ve decided that in the end, I’m pleased with what we’ve accomplished, here at BitsBlog.  I would still like to pick up one additional writer, to add some additional perspective, and content,  but honestly, I can’t complain at all about the things we’ve managed to do with the place, day in and day out for nearly 8 years, now. I do have a few ideas about the look and feel, though, as a result of this trip,  and I’ll be doing some coding over the summer to move us to where I think our look and feel needs to be.

One thing I’ve noticed is my political discourse has become a bit sharper of late, particularly online. A more “No prisoners” atitude.  One of two things; Either I just don’t care anymore, having run out of pateince, or I’m starting to take all of this more seriously. I’m not sure which. A few folks have noted the change in the last week, and have commented on it. I’m not sure I’m concerned, I merely make note of it.

All that said, let’s look around the place and see what needs flaying.