• Billy passes along a list of articles from Investor’s Busienss Daily, thirty in all inclduing a couple I’ve linked previously. It’s a must read, if you really want the unspun facts.
  • Bruce talks here about the Politics of Drilling. It’s nothing I’ve not said here several times, but he says it very well. Kudos.
  • Meanwhile, James wonders if Obama will be suffering from over-exposure. Read my comments there and you’ll notice I think that he likely will, for the same reason that so many one hit wonders did.
  • I see Newt’s Drill here Drill now, Pay less” petition has reached a million so far.
  • John Kerry is in trouble in Mass for this next election.  Heh… I’d love to see him out on the street, but such a situation with an Obama administration means he gets appointed within the executive branch…
  • At some point, this Countrywide Mortgage scandal is going to cost pols dearly. But of course that won’t happen until the news media stops trying to not rain on Obama’s coronation. This story with Dodd, were this a Republican would be wall to wall on ever channel 24*7 on the cables, and would be a major election issue for Obama. this is all particularly true given the milage that Obama and his fellow democrats were getting out of lambasting Countrywide for it’s part of the housing credit crisis of a few months ago.  As it is, with the facts coming out that the Democrats were up to their eyeballs in the soup with Countrywide, and hence part of the problem,  we have silence on thepart of the big three, and reluctatnt mentions of the thing from MSNBC and CNN. One gets the impression that they’re concerned what else might be revealed… a concern, that, were they convinced Republcians were involved primarily, would be non-extsiant.
  • Sister Toldjah notes the passage of the FISA bill. The message is the Democrats folded.
  • Art Smith at the Conservative Reader is doing a fine job of tracking the flooding situation in Iowa, yet.

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