June 22, 2008 -NY Post- Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are heading for a meeting of the money.

As the ex-foes are scheduled to sit down face to face this week and talk fund-raising, each needs to leave the table with the promise of riches.

New campaign-finance filings reveal Clinton has even more debt than previously reported, while Obama’s fund-raising has stalled.

He pulled in $22 million in May – a sharp drop from the $30 million to $55 million he got in each of the prior three months.

And presumptive Republican nominee John McCain came up almost even with his Democratic rival, taking in $21 million last month.

The new reports show Clinton’s debt has risen to $22.5 million – $12 million of which is in personal loans she poured into her campaign – and she reported only $3 million in available cash. More debt is expected to be reported in the coming weeks.

From Hillary Clinton’s perspective, it seems clear that what she’s going to get out of these meetings is money… perahps enough to retire most if not all that debt.  What would Obama get out of the deal?  Delegates, and Hillary Clinton’s cooperation, without which he has no hope of winning.

How’d you like tyo be a fly on THAT wall, eh?

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2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Owes $22m”

  1. Hillary owes more than $2 million dollars. 

    She and Bill owe Africa, and the nation of Rwanda, owe a lot more than that. 

    You see back in 1994, over 800,000 blacks were butchered to death during the Rwanda Genocide.  Back in 1948, the US promised “Never again” would we allow an entire people to be targeted for extinction.

    Yet Hutus killed 50,000 Tutsis each week and Bill did nothing.  Tens of thousands of women, young and old, were raped and mutilated and Hillary said nothing.

    Hillary owes a lot more than $22 million. 

    No amount of singing in black churches or donating to African charities will bring back 800,000 lives or make up for the injustice of doing nothing during Africa’s worst genocide ever.

    n’est pas?


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