There are several ways to react to the  Gloucester High School baby boom.   About all the GHS officials did not do was award the girls on the knock-up team a varsity letter,  Fox News:

A Massachusetts high school is facing a pregnancy boom with 17 girls entering summer vacation expecting babies in what some have called a pregnancy pact.

“We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy,” Sullivan told

Officials at Gloucester High School in Gloucester, Mass., are investigating whether half of the teens made a pact to get pregnant during the school year, reported.

Officials said that beginning last fall a large group of girls started asking the school clinic for pregnancy tests, the site said.

“Some girls seemed more upset when they weren’t pregnant than when they were,” principal Joseph Sullivan told

The pregnancy rate at the 1,200-student school is four times higher than the previous year, and officials were shocked to learn that men in their 20s had fathered some of the babies, said.

Rachel Lucas offess a simple solution, “mandatory sterilization:”

At puberty. For everyone. I know it’s fascist and I don’t care, because I know it’ll never happen so why not fantasize with my fascist fantasies? In a world that I ruled over with combat boots and common sense, things like this would never happen.

Ms Lucas makes some good points.  

One, the girls wanted to get pregnant.  The problem was not caused lack of access to birth control and can not be prevented by free distribution of birth control.

Two, being judgemental is good.   We used to consider girls who wanted to sluts as bad.  Now we make sluts, like the Spears sisters, into media idols.

A point of my own, as a society we get the behavior for which we provide incentives.  If you incentive girls to be become sluts, teen mothers and welfare queens, that what you get.

Finally, Ms Lucas is being very judgemental.   Do you judge her to be wrong?

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