Congressman Maurice Hinchey(D-NY), want to natinnalize domeestic oil refineries(industry?), via Beldar Blog:

So if there’s any seriousness about what some of our Republican colleagues are saying here in the House and elsewhere about improving the number of refineries, then maybe they’d be willing to have these refineries owned publicly —  owned by the people of the United States. So that the people of the United States can determine how much of the product is refined and put out on the market. To me, that sounds like a very good idea.

The ‘rats are not content to raise energy prices by restricting domestic oil porduction.  Now they want to nationize oil refineries, so that they can further reduce production.  When Hinchey says control oil production he only means to decrease it   The ‘rats standard bearer, leader and party boss Barack Obama, has already said that gasoline prices are too low.  The ‘rats want to control the refineries as means of increasing the price you pay at the pump.

Addendum: (Bit) And thus does the long standing argument that the Democrats are not sumply mislabled socialists, die the death it so richly deserves…. as if the similar move on healthcare and rail transportation wasn’t enough to convince folks.