From the UK Express:

CHUNKS of flesh from a murder victim were found simmering in a stewing pot at the home of the first Mr Gay UK, Anthony Morley, it emerged yesterday.

Chef Morley, 35, has been charged with murdering gay advertising salesman Damian Oldfield, 33.

It appears cannibalism may also have been involved after cooked segments of human flesh were found at the alleged murder scene.

Is it just me, or does this seem to happen rather a lot more often among, shall we say, certain lifestyles?

The Telegraph:

Police believe Mr Oldfield, an advertising executive for gay lifestyle magazine Bent, was stabbed to death on Wednesday or Thursday of last week.
Anthony Morley, 35, from Doncaster – who won the Mr Gay UK competition in 1993 aged 20 – appeared in court earlier this week charged with Mr Oldfield’s murder.

We now have to rather identical points on the map to draw one to the other, from Dalhmer to Morley while investigating this.  There’s an amazing amount of papers being written about Dalhmer, even to this day.  A quick and dirty search on Google turns up a few hundred. With at least two such cases, being famous, or infamous, perhaps we will now be gutsy enough to identify the trends, here.

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