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Jimmy Carter Blows Peanut Smoke Up the Media

Jimmy Carter (peanut)Ex and disgraced President Jimmy Carter is reported to have said that Hamas, a terrorist organization, would accept the right of the State of Israel to exists, if a peace acgreement were negotiated and approved.

JERUSALEM (CNN [1]) — Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that Hamas is prepared to accept peace with Israel if the Palestinians approve any agreement negotiated with Israel

Carter’s comments came after controversial meetings Friday and Saturday in Damascus, Syria, with exiled militant Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal

Granted what Carter said was interesting and would be newsworhty if it were but true.   However Carter is a dupe   There is little likelyhood that Hamas said anything close to what Carter has attributed to them.   In fact, Hamas has alaeady refuted what Carter said, Karin Laub, Associated Press [2]

Carter said Hamas officials, including Mashaal, agreed to this in a written statement.

“Let me read exactly what they accepted verbatim. This is their language: ‘If President Abbas succeeds in negotiating a final status agreement with Israel, Hamas will accept the decision made by the Palestinian people and their will in a referendum monitored by international observers … even if Hamas is opposed to the agreement,'” Carter said.

But Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri in Gaza said Hamas’ readiness to put a peace deal to a referendum “does not mean that Hamas is going to accept the result of the referendum.”

Both Carter and Hamas can not be telling the truth.   So which one do you believe?   As for me, I believe Hamas. 

Hat tip photo:  Kitty Litter [3].

Addendum I: 

Michelle Malkin thinks that Carter merely being a “Mailman for Hamas [4]

Jimmy Carter is touting his Hamas-hugging accomplishments. The jihadi do-badders have generously allowed kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit to write a letter to his parents, which Carter has gallantly volunteered to deliver it. Shalit’s father responded appropriately by deriding Carter as a postman for Hamas.

What a tool.

Gee, Michelle is that tool, or just fool?  Tools supposed to have some useful purpose,

Addendum II:

Let us pour salt in to poor Carter’s wound, Fox News [5]:

JERUSALEM – Just hours after former President Jimmy Carter trumpeted Hamas’ agreement to let Israel “live as a neighbor,” the same terrorist leader he met with face-to-face vowed not to recognize the Jewish state.

The State Department would be doing Carter a favor, if it revoked his passport.