Curses another nefarious plot uncovered and foiled. The liberal intellects over at the Puffiington Post and unearthed yet another white male plot to oppress all women, snotty Hollywood screen writers.

Nora Ephron, Puffington Post exposes her greatest fear, white males:

Here’s another thing I don’t like about this primary: now that there are only two Democratic candidates, it’s suddenly horribly absolutely crystal-clear that this is an election about gender and race. This may have always been true, but weeks ago it wasn’t so obvious — once upon a time there were eight candidates, and although six of them withered away, their presence in the campaign managed to obscure things. Even around the time of Ohio, when there were primarily three candidates, the outlines were murky, because Edwards was still in there, picking up votes from all sectors

Ephron has discovered that we white males are the crucial undecided all powerful swing vote.   That is we, unwashed, unkempt and uncivilized mere males will decide that fate of the nation.   Little does Ephron realize, and how can she, a mere woman, that we monolithic males have already set our price.   We males will support whichever candidate will agree to submit all snotty Hollywood screen writers into a polygamous cult.

The next President will surely face many problems.  However the whining of Hollywood screen writers will not be one of them.

Hat tip photo:  Daily Mail (UK)

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