The United States Senate is working again, against the interests of the American people.

By a vote of 51 to 45, the Senate, while passing the authorization for intel gathering, added section 327 to the bill. Of course, 327 is all about ‘torture’.  This stuff is so far out of feild that even John McCain, who was making a lot of noise about this a couple years ago, voted against the bill.

THe Senate needs to grow a spine, here. It’s as I said the other night:

 Under the best of conditions, war isn’t pretty, it certainly isn’t compassionate, except by quick result. Therefore, the best war is won quickly. We can try to water it down by refusing to torture our enemies, as McCain wants us to do, but if we aren’t willing to do certain things to our enemies, especially when our enemies are willing to do those very things to us, then we as a nation are not ready for war. Sorry, we’re just not.

There are a lot of Americans who are alive today because of these activities. Do we we really want to trade the lives of these same Americans for the purpose of allowing pols to dance on the head of an interrogation law for political purposes?

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