Blue Crab Blvd is running a link to Evan Thomas, this morning, who in Gauius’ words:

….describes the complicated relationship between the media and the Clintons. In fact, the relationship between the press and any president or presidential candidate. Thomas says that the press had stormy relations with the Clintons early on in Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Gauius goes on to say:

I think the press has been considerably easier on the Clintons than they would have been on a Republican who acted in exactly the same way as the Clintons have.

Quite so. I suggest at least part of this is the well-known vindictiveness of Hillary Clinton. A press fearful of ending up in Ft Marcy Park, with a bullit in their head, and a gun in their hand that won’t fire, is perhaps Hillary Clinton’s biggest cheerleader. But that point aside:

Thomas is quite correct that the media sees it as its job – its very reason for existence, in fact – to tear down whoever holds the Oval Office. Call it the press as political opposition, regardless of who sits in the White House.

Well, while that was certainly part of the issue in the early days of Bill Clinton’s presidency, it must be said that a lot of it was reaction to the jarring change for the worse that Bill Clinton. … And frankly Hillary Clinton…. represented. the press, being the closest group of Americans to the White House, were the first to see it.  Their reactions in that case counted for something as best I could tell.  I don’t even suppose it was a case of the degree of corruption involved, though that was part of a very.  However, the change from one style of governance to another immediately raised the hackles of the White House press corps, and thereby the remainder of the country’s press. And of course the fear factor had not set in, as yet.

But as I told him in the comments over there:

What this all all boils down to, in the end, is that the left in general and the Democrats in particular, are desperate to disassociate itself from the Clintons, and finding it difficult to do so within the framework any of the usual nonsense self justifications.

They find themselves looking at a nomination process, which was altered several years ago to keep Jesse Jackson out of the nomination, now being used by Hillary Clinton to take the nomination.  Ironically, what we have is Democrats railing against the system doing precisely what it was designed to do, that is; keep the black man out of the presidency.  Jesse Jackson, when it was originally designed, and Barrack Obama today.

Now, the Democrats are not responding to this situation, because of some perceived inequality.  Certainly, equal rights in the voting process has been their mantra, but their actions tell a different story.  If enabling the voter to effect real change was what they were about, they never would have installed thismonstrosity of a system, back when Jesse Jackson was the problem. And they’ve not changed it since.  But now Hillary Clinton is the problem, and they have been forced to move.  Not for the stated reasons of equality and voting, but to solve the problem of Hillary Clinton and the nomination. And they’re going to be forced to change the rules in midsteam, with all the party unrest such rule changes would imply.

(Chew on that one for a bit, and then tell me again how the left is where the best path for the minority is.)

They see clearly that Hillary Clinton running as the Democratic nominee is the fastest way to see John McCain in the White House.  The history of the corruption of the Clintons, is still too fresh in the mind of the American voter to countenance that association of the Clintons and the Democrats come election day.As a direct result of this desperation, yes, Obama HAS been getting a free ride.. as the favored among the Democrats always do.

There may be a grain of truth involved with the idea that Hillary Clinton has had a harder time of it with the press this time around, but even were that not the case, she would still blame her loss on the press.  Think about it; since when has Hillary Clinton ever blamed her own actions for her own failures?

This is also interesting on another level; What we’re seeing here is an oncoming battle for the soul of the Democrat party; Who will win? The Gender huckters or the race hucksters?  Something to think about the next time we hear Democrats complaining about the politics of division by race and gender.

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