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The Impossible Choice

Is this the choice to be made? I hope not. [1]As this election season ramps up, I am finding more and more that I am faced with what I consider to be an impossible choice; I can either chose to support the person whom I will call the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain, or I can sit this election out, thus putting the Clintons in place, again. Neither choice is attractive, and in fact both border on the unlivable.
There is a slight chance of getting Romney to be the Republican nominee, granted.  But frankly, the way this primary season has gone thus far I’m not holding out a great deal of hope.

My heartfelt response to all of what’s happened, and all that’s been said, is that I will not be voting Republican, in the event that John McCain is the Republican nominee. Given all the qualities the man has, and all he’s said [2] and done [3]coming on scene some years ago, sitting the election out is the only logical thing to do. It’s to the point where McCain has things 180 degrees wrong [4], on nearly every topic. He’s openly been leaning left, [5] though he denies it now. These points of variance from the Republican mainstream, to say nothing of conservative ideas and ideals, have been documented both here and elsewhere, at great length. Immigration is one example of this.  His signing on to the global warming scam is another.

On the one thing where McCain does get it mostly right, the war on terror, there’s a huge asterisk; He’s not willing to use all means possible to win the war we MUST win going all wobbly on us on what gets called, inexplicably, “Torture”. First of all, it’s not torture, secondly, McCain hands our enemy several individual victories by calling it so. Plus, he’s been all too willing during time of war to be critical of the current leadership for his own gains… namely, Bush and Rumsfeld, thus heartening our enemies…. Not unlike the Democrats. That should have been the first clue that the Republicans in general and McCain in particular had some serious problems.

And before you start in on me about Reagan’s 11th commandment, I will point out that with that critisism of Bush and Rumsefeld McCain is the one who first broke Reagan’s 11th commandment, and thus both he and his supporters should not seek it’s protection from his detractors, such as myself, now.

In Mr. McCain, we have what is likely the least attractive front runner we in the Republican party have ever had, someone only to be topped in his unattractiveness by Ron Paul, should we have had the misfortune of having him as a front runner. McCain has become what amounts to what we used to call “Rockefeller Republicans [6]“.. a group of supposed moderates who leaned left so much the party had almost given up the ghost by the time Reaganism arrived in scene..

As a result of all of this and more, I am very close indeed, a hair’s width, from saying I won’t vote for McCain if he’s the nominee. Based on what we now know of McCain, most Democrats could hardly do our country worse.

Yet, Hillary Clinton is hardly ‘most Democrats’, being instead half of a tag-team duo who is unquestionably the most corrupt pair of ‘public servants’ this world has ever seen. It’s a close call which would be worse for the country and the world… which in the end would be the final determining factor in my casting a vote. I see others such as Ann Coulter [7] saying if McCain is the nominee, she’s going to campaign for Hillary Clinton.  Glenn Beck, as well. [8] That’s a suggestion that of the two Hillary is the better choice…. That’s not a choice I’m prepared to make. I rather doubt it ever will be.

Nor am I interested in Obama, having problems all his own, which are not unlike that of Hillary Clinton.  The only real difference between the two that I can see is that most people don’t know about Obama’s history.

However, without some other determining factor, which I trust and hope will come along between now and November, I find myself at a logical impasse, with an impossible choice.

The best we can hope for at this point is that Romney will do well on Super Tuesday, and will thus get the nomination… but that’s asking quite a bit, given the way things are going. [9]

Addendum: In answer to some email: Unity with what? If you see something as wrong, do you really want to be unified with it?