Now, perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve noted a trend that we should discuss as a nation… Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama seem to be fixated on the question “What can your country do for you?” They’ve apparently forgotten the person who they hold as a Democrat party icon, once intoned “ask NOT what your country can do for you”. It’s apparently easier to buy votes with taxpayer dollars.  It’s the one kind of political money John McCain doesn’t seem to complain much about.

But think on this, seriously, America.  What are the big proposals coming from these folks?

Government mandated job security.

Government provided prescription Drugs

Government provided healthcare

Government mandated job security.

Government provided heating

Governmentally imposed price limits on Gasoline and other energy products

Government provided college education

Government provided transportation

Government provided and guranteed retirement plans

Does anyone reading this not understand the level of governmental power over the individual required to impose such governmental control? Do you not understand that when you grant government this level of power, you lose your freedom?

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