• So what happens if/when Barrack Obama gets into office? Are we going to see the race hucksters coming out of the oval office woodwork every time someone questions an action by Obama, and charging racism? Will we in fact see race riots if he DOESN’T win?
  • Hillary Clinton says she has experience. That may well be, but we won’t really know the experience she claims is comprised of until she gets around to releasing all the papers she has hidden down in the Double-Wide Trailer known as the Clinton Library, now, will we?A little bomb tosser
  • We managed to get linked by one of the lower level Kossacks this morning. Not an unusual event in and of itself, and I would not remark on it at all, except for the idea that the commenters… the few that dared, had no answer for the idea of labeling taking money from Soros a BAD thing. They’ve no idea how to even speak of it as a problem, much less deal with it.
  • I’m becoming convinced that the one thing that can make John McCain look good, is the Democrats. Mostly because they’ve begun work on that project, already. Then again, with the McCain -Soros connection, McCain’s own history is working against him maintaining the image of the lesser evil.
  • Yes, Michelle, along with everyone else, I’m with you here.
  • Today is the feast day of St. Olaf the Flatulent. Order of the day of course is Chili with beans.  The traditional fare for today usually involves Chili… hot… with Pinto beans soaked in Bourbon.  I swear, more feast days like this and we could solve the energy crisis.
  • I’ve not once logged into Facebook. Based on the reports I’m getting I’ve begun to suspect this to be a wise move. Looks to me not only like marketing over technology, but it also looks like a ripe playground for hackers and other technoboobs. The place is full of people who haven’t a bloody clue about the technology they’re using, or experts there for less than above board purposes. I’m just as glad my two boys haven’t become involved with all that nonsense.
  • Remember Nancy Pelosi yesterday telling us how there was not any politlcal progress in Iraq, and that the whole thing ws a failure? Apparently, Nancy is wrong yet again. You’re not really surprised by that, right?
  • But let’s talk about failures in the Senate… Did you notice Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi failed to block the FISA bill? That’s od; the press pretty much ignored it, at least in a comparative sense. Look; Ol’ Harry has proven his incompetence many times over. He’s also proven many times over that what he and the left are about is working against US interests. But irony abounds… he also demonstrates why the Republican led congresses over the years didn’t get as much done as would have been wise. When I said this a few years back and since, I was told I was merely whining. But this situation proves otherwise. Oh… The Conservative Reader has more.http://bitsblog.theconservativereader.com/files/2006/12/bnr.jpg
  • That little flap over at OTB and elsewhere over the Obama Supporters with the Che flag, seems to have petered out somewhat, as revelations of leftist transgressions usually do. Usually, this happens as a result of misdirection in the discussion. I stand by my comments of last night.  Frankly, it doesn’t surprise me to see so many supposed ‘centrists’ leaping up to defend the ‘honor’ of Obama.  What should be of concern is why so many leap up to defend him with such weak arguments… essentially telling us not to look at that man behind the curtain over there because there’s no proof he’s control all the projections and effects with the knobs and levers.
  • Boortz notes, on a slight tangent, notes the official response from the Obama camp on this, saying in part:

    “The office featured in this video is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign.”

    Now the title headline did read “On Reports of an Inappropriate Flag in a Texas Obama Office.” So they did manage to get the fact that it was “inappropriate” … although that may be the understatement of the day.

    Again, did Barack Obama have anything to do with this flag? No. But it does show the kind of people that are supporting him … that they are willing to go so far as to hang the face of a communist butcher, criminal and murderer, as if he embodies the spirit of the Obama campaign.

    Bold is my own. And that’s pretty much the point I made yesterday. Would these pepople who hold Che so dear, be working for Obama if they though the politics of each were at serious odds with each other? You know they wouldn’t. Any other conclusion is dodging the obvious.

  • By way of Reason, I note an article in Canada’s National Post which suggests Syed Soharwardy is withdrawing his complaint against Ezra Levant.  What this boils down to is flying the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. You’d be amazed how that improves both interpersonal and intergroup relationships, as well as life for all, in the end. Rather like an armed society. Too bad Canada hasn’t figured that one out, yet.
  • Another bit of evidence that the real racism in this country is on the left.
  • Fellow Swamp Stompers, I’ve been held up with events here at home as regards the podcast. I’ve not forgotten you, and well be getting back to it shortly. Expect an email from me about all of this in the next day or so explaining the holdup.
  • Blue Crab notes the Bezerkeley City Council has thrown up the White flag.  Morons. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get the left to start working for America? Fact freakin’ chance, that.  val1.jpg
  • Jawa Mike Pechar notes:

    Valentine’s Day is sinful, according to the Saudi government. As a result, red items that are symbols of love must be removed from store shelves this week. Apparently, symbols of love are simply not compatible with the religion of peace.

    And doesn’t that just say it all?  Isn’t it amazing what the strong religion of peace, feels itself so very threatened by? I mean comon’… Cartoons, (As above) and expressions of love. So,what say let’s piss off the terrorists… and all buy a Valentine’s day card. It IS tomorrow, you know. I’ll pass along a report tomorrow on how successful BitsBlog is in starting a trend on this.(Smirk)

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