• I’m going to have to post a really good quip someday. Meanwhile, your humble webmaster got himself another Honorable Mention at the OTB Caption Contest.
  • I said it last night; I had my doubts that Sadr was going to break the suppsoed ‘cease fire’. First, he hasn’t the troops, and anyway, it’s not to his advantage to move now, anyway. Bruce points out that sources are saying he’s giving it another 6 months. I’ve no doubt that, too, will be extended, assuming he lives so long.
  • Billy, sometimes, the obvious being said is what’s needed. And you did a fair enough job with it; I’ve no complaints.  And of course they’re more prone to offense. The problem is you’re pointing out fact to them. Their hero worship isn’t BASED on fact, but on pure emotion, and thereby when told they’re wrong, they will have a tendency to become more emotional. This case would seem to have been made rather well by Chris Matthews of all people, the other night, as Chronicled by ,John Hawkins. I mean, when even Chris Matthews, no bastion of logic, he…….(Chuckle) OK, now I’m slipping into the obvious.  Never mind.
  • So, Hillary Clinton got booed off the stage again last night in Texas. You don’t suppose she got the message, do you? IN any event this stuff is getting predictable enough that I could pre-write it. Peraps it’s why I ahve no interest at Live-Blogging it. God bless the people who do… they perform a service.  Still, I find it a problem to type when I’m yawning. Hillary Did manage to get in a zinger at the end… but these came from the 92 campaign. Somehow, I doubt that’s going to sway many Democrat voters. They’re tryiong to attract younger voters… and most of the supporters they’re trying to gather up, were not out of diapers in 92 yet. I remember a ‘Trek TNG episode, where some folks who had died, been put through the cryogenic freezing process were found, repaired and revived. One of them, a music type, remakred as how he had new audiences to play for now, hundreds of years after his life supposedly ended… because nobody had ever heard his stuff before.  Is that what HillBilly is doing here repeating lines from 20 years gone? I dunno, but I do’t think it’s going to work, in any case. For one thing, the first time round, she didn’t have a national history. Now she does and the lines she’s spouting, good as they were then, arenot enough to overcome her negatives.
  • Henke writes a post about writing a post about someone who wrote a blog post about someone who wrote a blog post about people who wrote blog posts about last nights debate. The odd part is, aside from having discovered a new source of power.. (The perpetual blog Posting machine)  he likely has stirred more interest in this mobius loop post, than the original debate did.

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