• Congrats to the Confederate Yankee Bob Owens, and his wife Christine on the birth of a daughter on Thursday. By the way, guys… after some serious research, we now know what causes things like this: Beer.
  • A nice Valentine’s day gift, for us here at Casa de Bit… A new job for me which I start Monday. Well, OK, Tuesday, since Monday’s a holiday.
  • Glenn notes that some sanity is starting to creep into the mindset of the Democrats on Energy; Do I hear ANWR? About time. Now, tell me… where the heck were these proposals when the Republicans were trying to push ANWR through a few years ago for the same reasons? Once again Politics as usual.

    Oh, speaking of Glenn and Energy….  Exactly so, Glenn. Verifrank has it right. What annoys me is you missed it. I’ll take it a step farther; The Volt is a response to government pressure, which has nothing to do with the marketplace. Indeed, government edicts usually fly in the face of the market, and against the interests of both the makers and consumers. The SUV was the automakers responding.. and correctly… to the market. The Volt is responding to government coercion. The latter, for all the effort and money being expended, won’t sell. And for the record, Man made Global warming IS a crock. http://bitsblog.theconservativereader.com/files/2006/12/bnr.jpg

  • You heard about the disruption of the Lantos memorial. But I’m willing to bet you don’t know what really happened. Michelle does. Does does Captain Ed who has some links you’ll want to look at… Blogging from folks who were there. Hindrocket says Congress isn’t serious about National Security. Well, it’s clear the Democrats aren’t, anyway. As for the rest, it’s a mixed bag, as usual. Hiding behind the memorial is lower than low, Democrats. But we’ve come to expect this.
  • WLS/890 is reporting that there’s now 6 dead in that shooting in DeKalb. 16 wounded. (MSNBC now has it 7 and 15 and I’d not be shocked to see those numbers change for the worse again) Now, if one… just one… of the victims had a gun, there’d be a lot less victims. But then, you knew that, right? Our gun phobic society in action… in a never ending circle, our gun phobias themselves are responsible for more victims .
  • OK, so Hillary Clinton wins New Mexico, in a squeaker. And that’s the state where a Clintonite is Governor. How close was it? Well, you tell ME… how long ago was New Mexico’s voting? It took this long? Not a particularly impressive situation.
  • In all the complaints about Hillary Clinton… rather effective ones, given she’s looking like she’s going down in flames, a lot of folks have never come to grips with the idea that Barrack Obama isn’t any more or less qualified for the office of POTUS than SHE is.  Neither one has accomplished a damn thing for the country, in reality, and thereby any claims of being ‘experienced’ are lies at best. Neither one has a business history. So, in turn, that’s why the Democrats are now screaming about “Change”… Trust me… if they had an ounce of experience between them they’d still be screaming ‘experience”. But think about it; Neither has run a business.  Neither has accomplished anything in the world of politics that’s worth mentioning… except possibly for Hillary Clinton and then only if she’s been lying to us about the degree of involvement in the scandals of her Husband’s administration. Both of them want to grow government. So what have we got with a Clinton or Obama Presidency? Other than a disaster for America, I mean, of course… A Republican Romp at the mid-term elections for one thing, and most certainly a Democrat Presidency limited to one term.
  • As predicted here the day after he quit the race, a week ago, Mitt Romney endorsed McCain, yesterday. Not much else he cold do, really, it was a matter of when. That’s particularly true if he’s planning a 2012 run. Captain Ed points out that:

    It’s good news for McCain. The people who wanted to rally around Romney as the alternative to McCain may feel more than a little betrayed, however. After the speech, there was a little rumbling about Mitt’s decision to clear the way for McCain, especially after Laura Ingraham gave him such a rousing introduction. Those will be few, though, especially if Romney winds up working with McCain on his general-election campaign as a voice for conservative policies.

    Well, I’m less than impressed with what amounts to politics as usual; Politics over Principle. That’s not how to change minds and unify the party. And that’s only the short term. The thing about Elephants is, they never forget. 2012 ain’t all that far off. There’s a price to be paid for this, and it’ll happen eventually, most likely in the form of rank and file mistrust between now and 2012.

  • Look, Ann, I’ve never been impressed, except in the negative, with Eric Alterman, in any event. I have no particular interest in this pissing match, but I have to tell you that his name continuing to come up in these things does nothing but confirm my low opinion of the man. As I noted after his arrest last June, his trigger needs adjusting, for one thing. I gather that rapidly increasing paranoia is one of the symptoms of the use of a particular product.  Maybe?  Then again, the left IS getting more desperate as a whole, these days. Perhaps Alterman’s increasingly fragile temper is part of that, I dunno.
  • Now, you”ll recall I took some heat a few days ago for suggesting that the followers of Che supported Obama for a reason…. that being they see Obama as advancing socialism. Apparently, now Daniel Ortega has given Obama his stamp of approval, as well. An odd confirmation of my original accusation, but it does ring very true.

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