The media paints the myth of some sort of glorious political Camelot otherwise called the Kennedy Administration.   Those old enough to have survived it, or willing to read some history are more apt to associate Kennedy with the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam and the Cuban Missile Crisis than any Camelot.    Still the myth endure. 

So Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s endorsement of Baack Obama only shows that she learned her history at the family dinner table and not in the public library.     As for Senator Oldsmobile’s passing on the his brother’s mantle,  Oldsmobile repudiated his brother’s politics of lower taxes and a strong military many Scotch addled decades ago.

Still some observations are in order: 

Betsy Newmark, Betsy’s Page:

From all the hoopla last week about Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg endorsing Obama, you would have thought that JFK himself had risen from the dead to embrace Barack Obama.  

Jonah Goldberg, Townhall

And it is a myth. Start with the “Camelot” label. It’s worth remembering that nobody used that word to describe JFK’s presidency when he was alive. The media’s marketing of the term stems from Jackie Kennedy’s recollection that her husband liked the Broadway musical “Camelot,” which had opened a month after Kennedy’s election. Theodore White, a journalist-admirer of Kennedy’s, convinced Life magazine to run with the idea. The musical’s tagline “for a brief shining moment” became an overnight cliché to describe the supposedly glorious idealism of Kennedy’s “thousand daysJ

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder, American Spectator

The Kennedys recently endorsed Barack Obama, and Teddy Kennedy drew a parallel with President Kennedy — a vision of a new Camelot rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the Bush administration. Either he was addressing the largest group of amnesiacs ever gathered in one place in history or the media and much of America have been eating funny mushrooms and are in the throes of a mass delusion.

It appears that we will get Sleazegate II, before any version of Blackelot.

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