DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleAfter action report, Rochester, NY:  WHEC-TV

“An extraordinary situation” and “something we’ve never seen before” – those just some of the comments from first responders to Sunday’s deadly 36-car pile-up on 390 near the airport.

Ladies and gentlemen:  well done.

Local hero:  The person whis actions prevented an even worse acccident has been identied.   The hero’s name is Chris Playford, Irondequoit, WHEC-TV:

What many people don’t know about the 36 car pile-up could have been worse, if not for the action of a good samaritan.Chris Playford of Irondequoit was headed southbound behind two tour busses when the crash happened.He then pulled over, got out of his car and began waving his arms frantically to warn other vehicles to slow down.


.”I’m not a hero, I had to do what had to be done.”

Non-concur, doing what has to be done, at the risk to one’s own life, is simply what defines a hero.   A hero is a person who risks his life for a noble cause.   Chris Playford is such a hero.   Well done Chris.

New York State of mind:  Bob Ellis, ABC(AU)_ disses New York, via Mark Steyn, National Review:

Heath Ledger at 28, Dylan Thomas at 39, died of drugs mis-prescribed by New York doctors; John Hargreaves at 50, Peter Allen at 48 of AIDS caught in New York’s bath-houses; Peter Finch at 60 of heart-strain making a New York film. John Lennon was shot dead there; Russell Crowe, booked and shamed for throwing a phone at a clerk, all but lost his stardom there.

What is it about New York?

Because we can and should do better.

Mrs. Clinton:   She keeps telling us how tough she is and  how ready to lead she is.    Yet she whimps out o the tough issues, Andy McCarthy, National Review

Hillary Clinton was even worse.  She didn’t show up to vote.  This was the most important national security vote in her Senate career.  And, even though the campaign would not excuse her from doing her job in any event, the Potomac Primary was in the DC area.  McCain and Obama managed to get to the Hill without difficulty.  Not Clinton.  She has no excuse.  The craven decision not to vote – not to be accountable – was calculated … and this from the candidate who slammed Obama for ducking the tough votes as an Illinois legislator.

Mrs. Clinton wants us to believe that being nasty is synomous with being tough.   It is not.   Chris Playford isn’t nasty and Mrs. Clinton isn’t tough.

Gender Feminism:   Susan Faludi asks “Did 9/11 set back women’s progress?”   Ms Faludi, your answer is no.   Nine-Eleven set back the cause of gender feminism.   That what remained of gender feminism in the wake of Nina Burleigh.    Faludi needs to rid herself of the notion that gender feminists speak for all feminists, much less all women.

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