Illegal alien killsDavidL's Breakfast Scramble, Fox News:

MINNEAPOLIS – A woman who authorities say is in the country illegally and using an alias was charged Friday with four counts of criminal vehicular homicide and two lesser charges in a school bus crash that killed four children.

A woman who identified herself as Alianiss Nunez Morales, 23, of Minneota, was driving a van that failed to stop at a stop sign Tuesday before hitting a bus carrying 28 students from Lakeview School, Lyon County Attorney Richard Maes said. The accident happened near the small town of Cottonwood, in southwestern Minnesota.

Send them home,  Keep them there.


Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) — U.S. plans to replace 15 percent of gasoline consumption with crop-based fuels including ethanol are already leading to some unintended consequences as food prices and fertilizer costs increase.

Common sense tells us that ww should drill our oil and eat our food stuffs.    Using food stuffs for motor fuel is utterly insane.

John McCain on Fidel Castro, Reuters:

“I hope he has the opportunity to meet Karl Marx very soon,”

Sobeit, John.

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