It’s been a long time since I’ve seen to thinly veiled a hit piece, as what the New York Times has unleased on John McCain. Since, in fact, the TANG forged documents.  No shock for this; I predicted that there would be some of this stuff showing up the momement he had the nomination locked up.  But there’s a part of this story that nobody seems to be addressing:

The myth that because McCain’s been busy licking the buttocks of Democrats for the last several years, they’re going to make nice around him, seems to have exploded and sunk off the coast of Electiondom. . And that’s really what’s happening, here… the very same people who McCain has been so intent on courting, are the same who are currently dumping this mound of feces on him, through the front page of the DNC house organ, the New York Times.

Now, remember, this is not going to be the last such incident. Trust me, they have more or they’d have held this story longer than they did…. and sprung it more toward election day.

In the meantime, the conservative base of the Republican party which McCain has spared no effort in alternatly insulting or ignoring, is silent on the whole deal as you might expect. That’s going to loom large in election return numbers, I think.

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