For all that I’m happy with John McCain’s loss in Michigan, last night, I will say to his credit he got one thing right; Michigan manufacturing… specifically the auto industry… won’t be coming back anytime soon. The unions and the liberal nutbags in Lansing and in Washington have seen to it that the golden egg goose has been bled totally dry, with no hope of reviving it. The problem was exemplified quite well last evening in the voting patterns… they’re still suffering from a governmental dependency that would make Marx proud.

Addendum: (David L)

You can give John McCain some credit for pessimistic view of the auto industry.  In fact, I give McCain credit for not pandering to Michigan’s voters.  Further, I will disagree with Mitt Romney that the government has some kind duty to invest in the automotive industry, and the same with tax payer funded job retraining McCain sponsors.

The problem with McCain is not he opposes revitalization of our automotive industry.  The problem is that McCain is dedicated to killing the entire industry.  McCain is hostile to commerce in general and to the automoiive industry in particular.  I don’t know from where our future energy will come, but leave it no McCain and it never from from ANWR.  It strange position for somebody running for president to put the interest of Moose ahead of people.  Then McCain is a strange guy,.

We, as nation, don’t need to invest in restoring our domestic auto industry.  We should however stop trying to kill it.

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