I finally got ticked enough at the nag screens I installed a month ago, to go ahead and upgrade WordPress to 2.3.1.

Seems to work, but as always, report to feedback any problems.

I’m seeing some screwups with the advertisers… (It’ll show a database error on your end, at the head of each post) I’m working on that.

Also of note:

I’ve done some work for you guys checking in on your PDA’s cell phones and the like. I’m running a CSS stripper which basically makes for a simpler screen. I’ve had some code that recognizes and reacts to PDA’s and Cells, but it wasn’t quite as clean as I’d have liked. Should work better for most of you, now.

Update: (Bit) Problem solved. The “posts By Author” plugin was the issue. Gotta see if I can’t find a replacement for that.  For the meanwhile, the last five posts by each author won’t be listed at the bottom of each post as they have been.

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