The Clinton’s have become prolific, albeit rather inept, liars.    Steve Gilbert, Sweetness & Light, compares Mrs. Clinton’s press release to her autobiography:

Mrs. William ClintonShe just can’t help herself:

I came to know Mrs. Bhutto over many years, during her tenures as Prime Minister and during her years in exile.

Sure she did.

From Hillary’s (ghostwritten) autobiography, Living History, pp 322-4:

If Mrs. Clinton had any real experience, she would cite.  Rather as she has none, she forced to invent it.   How sad.  How much just like a Clinton.

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3 Responses to “Steve Gilbert : Mrs. Clinton Can’t Help Herself”

  1. It’s more than this, though you’ve done a good job with this.
    The reason behind the lie in this case seems to me the story.
    She’s trying to equate herself with Bhuto, because she thinks that will aid her current campaign.
    I reference comments from Andy McCarthy in an upcoming article, this morning, and he was non-plussed by Bhuto. I can’t hlp but wonder what Andy would think of Clinton’s weak attempt at equivalency.

  2. As with manure piles, there is always more of Mrs. Clinton shat.  However I have but one pitchfork.


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