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We live in dangerous times and we need a leader who can make rational and sober assessments of the real world.   Sadly for us, we a have gaggle of candidates in both parties who either are hopelessly naive, or just plain stupid with respect to foreign affairs.

Fools have suggested that while we should not stop Iran from going nuclear, we should attack a nuclear Pakistan.    I humbly suggest that we ignore the advice of fools, even if they running for president, and instead heed Victor Davis Hanson, via National Review:

If there is any fallout from this tragedy at home, it is to remind us that radical Islam has the ability to change world affairs in a matter of minutes (at least if taking out a democratic leader vying for control of a nuclear Pakistan qualifies), that the war against Islamic radicalism goes on, and that we should look carefully at those who wish to be commander-in-chief in the years ahead.

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One Response to “Sobriety is a Dangerous World”

  1. As recently as 8 months ago, Pakistan’s longest range missile was the Ghauri-III, which only has a range of 2500 km.

    This still would not threaten the West, especially not the U.S., which
    at its closest point is over 11,000 km away; however, it would be able to reach Jerusalem, which is approximately 2200 km away.

    More at my blog:

    Bit responds: It would also be able to reach the whole of the middle-east and all of it’s oil fields. Seems to me that threatens the entire world, no?