Speaker PelosiMrs. Pelosi, the inspiration for Swamp Stompers,  promised to “Drain the Swamp.”   Yet all Mrs. Pelosi has managed has to further infest the swamp.

Via, Memeorandum.David Broder, Washington Post, compares Pelosi’s over inflated claims of achievement versus her actual accomplishments:

While surveys by The Post and other news organizations show that the public believes little or nothing of value has been accomplished in a year of bitter partisan wrangling on Capitol Hill, Pelosi claims that “the House has had a remarkable level of achievement over the first year, passing 130 key measures — with nearly 70 percent passing with significant bipartisan support.”

More, Gaius, Blue Crab Boulevard.

David Broder looks at the actual achievements of the Democrat’s first year in control of Congress and judges them against the claimsof those achievements being made by Nancy Pelosi. He finds more than a bit of illusion in the press releases.

I happened to notice that the Sun came up this morning.  Wonder when Mrs. Pelosi will clam credit for that as well?

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