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Ann Althouse on Mrs. Clinton’s Doublespeak

Mrs. William Clinton [1]Ann Althouse obviously has a much greater willingness to parse Mrs. Clinton in detail than I do.  Professor Althouse catches this snippet of Clintonspeak [2]:

Writes David Linkin [3] (linked by Stephen Kaus [4]). He’s talking about Hillary Clinton in a maddening exchange with David Gregory. What struck me is this. She starts by deflecting Gregory’s characterization of the way her campaign has treated Barack Obama. She calls it “inaccurate,” and when Gregory asks what was unfair about it, she says, “I’m going to let voters decide that, not the press.” Get it? Not the press.Then, referring to her status as “a proven leader,” she says, “That’s what The Des Moines Register said….” In other words, the press. She then proceeds to answer every probing question with the Des Moines Register:

So while Mrs. Clinton doesn’t answer to the press, she quotes the press whenever convenient.