Eric Florack on December 17th, 2007

OK, here’s Anna Kornikova. I have no idea who this is. Didn’t these girls used to sell beer? OK, OK, I know… what the beep is Bit doing? I’m about getting banned in Iran, of course.  Banning us in Iran would mean, among other things, prestige for the site. We could use their hits that […]

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Eric Florack on December 17th, 2007

I must say that I am absolutely amazed that Glenn Greenwald could possibly be this stupid. Russ Feingold, today, on the effects of Harry Reid’s pro-administration dirty work: This morning, the Senate starts debating legislation to expand the government’s surveillance powers. Unfortunately, the bill we are going to be considering is the one reported out […]

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Eric Florack on December 17th, 2007

Another honorable mention at the Outside the Beltway caption contest I still like the Vulcan line better… after cats have pointed ears, and one of these cats is slightly green. Oh, well.

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davidl on December 17th, 2007

Ok Bitsbog didn’t any blog awards. However I do say we have been consistently right about Mrs. Clinton.  The MSM media just now is catching up to train wreck that is Mrs. Clinton’s campaign which we were on to nine months ago. Jill Lawerence today in Useless Toady: New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, trying […]

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Eric Florack on December 17th, 2007

Finally, the 6th Annual Right Wing News Conservative Blog Awards are live. Find out which blogs were voted as the best — and worst — by their fellow bloggers. You can see won these once per year awards, which are the oldest and most prestigious in the conservative blogosphere, here. Among those participating: Aaron’s CC, […]

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Eric Florack on December 17th, 2007

The Wall Street Journal: Hillary Clinton’s commanding lead in the polls has diminished, and with Oprah Winfrey stumping for Barack Obama, she’s called increasingly on the “star power” of husband Bill. But the ubiquitous presence of the former president on the campaign prompts a question: What will Hillary do with Bill if she is elected? […]

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