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Of Touregs And Other Such

Look, Glenn [1], the reason that people are going to four wheel drive rigs like that, is that cars have been so seriously downsized… You tend to have to work tubes of KY into your monthly driving budget, just so that you can get in and out of the things without hurting yourself.  and you can forget about towing any kind of a trailer, be it a boat trailer, a camper, or a utility trailer , with one of them.  Whereas, of course, the SUV is rather well suited to such tasks.. a factor the Enviro-whackos don’t want to deal with, apparently.
Personally, I drive a Buick Rainier [2] which is kind of like a Chevy Trailblazer except that it has much more in the way of refinements, such as air ride… which is something the Troueg has now, if a little late. The Rainier is actually in pretty much the same class as the VW and the MDX it’s supposed to be competitive with.

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