One of the more amusing reads this morning is from today’s Daily Express, wherein we find:

HATE preacher Abu Hamza has complained of the tough conditions behind bars, it was revealed yesterday.

The cleric, serving seven years for inciting murder of non-Muslims, says he is the victim of a prison bullying campaign.

And he has even complained about the lack of soft furnishings in his cell.

An Islamic group has taken up the hook-handed preacher’s cause and is demanding human rights organisations help him.

Let’s recall what’s what, here, shall we?

And let’s also hear from this thug in his own words:

It is not called suicide… this is called martyring, because if the only way to hurt the enemies of Islam except by taking your life for that then it is allowed”

“Don’t go to the man who is selling a wine shop and tell him please why you selling the wine shop, come to the mosque? Make sure that the man who gave him the licence for that wine shop does not exist anymore on the Earth. Finish him up”

“Jihad is their fight and it is also an obligation. But some people call this terrorism. Jihad is the only way to protect believers. Jihad comes first.”

The solution to me seems rather simple; 3oz. of lead.

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