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Warming From the Sun

Boortz, this morning: [1]

NeptuneA recent issue of Geophysical Research Letters (surely you’re a subscriber) revealed that Neptune has been getting warmer since 1980.  Researchers are investigating whether increased output from the Sun might be the cause.

This warming of Neptune must be particularly distressing to Al Gore and the anti-capitalist global warming cabal out there. You see, there has been no recent build-up of greenhouse gasses on Neptune.  No deforestation.  No contrails from jets.  No SUVs.  Yet Neptune is warming.

OK, so we now have reports from every planet the system that we have the capability of monitoring, that indicates that the planets are all warming up.  Most of them, without the help of fossil fuels.  The evidence seems overwhelming, that what we’re experiencing, that half a degree warm-up, is caused not by pollution, but by the sun.

I’d comment further, but I think you get the gist of it.