“I don’t know why this word ‘amnesty’ is such a terrible word … I think these people would make good citizens. We ought to give them amnesty.”

Charles B. Rangel, as quoted in the Washington Times.   Finally an honest politician.

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2 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Charlie Rangel”

  1. I suppose that depend entirely on what Mr. Rangel has decided would constitute a good citizen.  First and foremost, and the requirements for good citizenship, as being a member of the culture . Clearly, the vast majority of the people under discussion, do not want to become a part of this culture.  They simply want the money.

    One of the other primary tasks of any citizen is adherence to the law.  Seems to me that the people under discussion failed that distinction before this discussion started.  They are here illegally.  Therefore, they fail the test before the word “go”.

    So, the question becomes, what does Mr. Rangel consider to be a good citizen?  Ones who vote Democratic, perchance?

  2. I sure Charlie would consider anybody who voted democrat to a good citizen. to include the Richard Daley types, to wit the dead.