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Nightly Ramble: Warm Thursday

No music tonight. Instead, I’m listening to a scanner that someone’s set up in the Buffalo area, and tuned for local rail channels.There’s an interesting train headed our way here in Rochester; I figure it’s about an hour away, and I’m keeping tabs on it. Too bad it won’t get here before the sunlight fails, or I’d grab a picture of it.
* I note that I’ve managed to pull off a third place at OTB’s Caption contest. [1] Of course, that is small potatoes, as compared to this one… [2]

* Oh, and speaking of OTB,  Schuler over there is passing along a note that Nessie is back.. [3]. along with Film clips.

* Hot here today… around 85.  Too hot to get the second coat of wax on.

* Hume [4]makes note that the Plame thing isn’t over, just yet:

The vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee wants former CIA officer Valerie Plame to explain discrepancies in her accounts of how her husband was hired for an intelligence mission to Africa.

Joe Wilson went to Niger in 2002 to investigate reports Iraq was trying to buy uranium. USA Today reports Missouri Republican Senator Kit Bond says Plame has had three different stories. He says she told the CIA’s inspector general in 2003 or 2004 that she suggested Wilson told Intelligence Committee staffers in 2004 she couldn’t remember whether she had suggested Wilson, and told a House panel last March that an unidentified CIA officer came up with the idea.

Plame’s CIA connection was revealed after Wilson accused the Bush administration of ignoring his findings. The leak of her CIA status led to the conviction of former White House aide “Scooter” Libby on perjury and obstruction of justice charges.

There’s a reason that particular link hasn’t come out, gang… and when it comes out at last, both she and Wilson will be seeing jail time. Both for the lies and the original reason.