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Mrs. Sheehan has Left the Party


What a week, two moonbats quit.  Rosie leaves the View and Mrs. Sheehan has announced she is leaving the democrat party. 

Kos is so heart broken he slams the door on her as she leaves, “Good Riddance Attention Whore [1].”  

In the spirit of Winston Churchill normallly I’d inspired to say a few good words about anybody who can aggrevate Markos Moulitsas Zúniga,  Alas.  Mrs. Sheehan is moonbat, and I can offer her no praise.

So, I’ll leave it to Tammy Bruce to describe Pathetic Cindy [2].

As is the rule. Allahpundit, Hot Air, has an assortment of videos [3].

It appears the MSM only deemed  Mrs. Sheehan  authentic when she criticized republicans.  If Mrs. Sheehan wants a new assignment, she can go to Venezula persuade her boyfriend Hugo to reopen the television station.?