Eric Florack on May 5th, 2007

So today is cinco De Mayo.  Or as those who actually speak English say it, May 5.  This gets celebrated because of a victory by the Mexicans over the French.  Which, given what we’ve seen of the French, of late, doesn’t sound like all that much. These days, it serves the purpose of selling corn […]

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Eric Florack on May 5th, 2007

James, over at OTB writes today about an article posted by : (Link fixed, sorry James…-Ed) a project of the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, has recently published an public opinion poll on attitudes toward the US, terrorist organization, and a generalized ‘clash of civilizations’. [The link is […]

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So asks the AP. NEW YORK -AP- In an angry commentary on April 25, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann accused Rudolph Giuliani of using the language of Osama bin Laden with “the same chilling nonchalance of the madman” to argue that Republicans would keep Americans safer than Democrats from terror. Eight days later, Olbermann hosted MSNBC’s coverage […]

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Eric Florack on May 5th, 2007

It really shouldn’t be a surprise, I suppose, that Barack Obama’s run for the presidency is bringing out innate racism of so many right-wingers these days. After all, so many of them have had to suppress their Inner Theodore Bilbo for so many years now, it’s bound to come squirming out when given the opportunity […]

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