LOS ANGELES —AP– A Norman Rockwell work stolen from suburban St. Louis more than three decades ago was found in Steven Spielberg’s art collection, the FBI announced Friday.rockwell_clip_image002.jpg

The painting, Rockwell’s “Russian Schoolroom,” was snatched during a late-night burglary at a gallery in Clayton, Mo., on June 25, 1973. The Oscar-winning filmmaker purchased the painting in 1989 from a legitimate dealer and didn’t know it was stolen until last week, the FBI said in a statement.

Weird, though that kind of stuff happens. What the story doesn’t get into, and what I do not understand, is why Spielberg and his staff after all this time, suddenly decided to contact the authorities.  The story doesn’t get into that. I suppose there are aspects of the investigation still ongoing so is the reporting cannot be very specific as yet.
Steven Spielberg, famously, and says millions to the coffers of the campaigns of Democrats all over the country.  He’s been doing so for years.  This is not an indication of guilt in the case of this painting, of course. I intend no such judgment of guilt in this case, based on what I have in front of me.

But let’s imagine we have an equally innocent art collector who happens to be a famous supporter of Republican candidates, in the same situation. How do you suppose the press would treat that? How do you suppose that would compare to the treatment Mr. Spielberg is, in this case, justifiably getting?

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