I see via email that Nathan Tabor has announced he will be serving as Director of Internet Outreach for Duncan Hunter’s presidential campaign.

Says Tabor:

“I joined the Hunter campaign because of his commitment to conservative principles. Duncan Hunter is a staunch advocate of limiting government, securing our borders, and defending our nation. When it comes to character, Congressman Hunter exhibits the qualities that we need the most right now. “

Oh, come on. I mean, I like the boy better than some, Nathan, but let’s not break our back in overstating the case, OK?

Hunter being a part of the gang of fourteen, led by John McCain, does not strike me as being a staunch advocate of limiting government, since McCain NEVER has…  Calling for illegal alien amnesty, which Hunter has done, does not strike me as indication of being overly interested in securing our borders and defending our nation.

Let’s be clear about this;

For the moment  Hunter has my support by process of elimination. In other words he’s looking the least problematic, but not by a great deal. This kind of overblown nonsense doesn’t help.


Udpate: (Bit)– Please note the correction in the comments, and my response.

Clearly, I got Hunter and Hagel cross linked somehow in my notes. My apologies. But two things pop out of that;

* That it took someone from the campaign to correct it; (Nobody, out of the few thousand people who saw the post knew enough to correct it) which to my mind suggests a real uphill battle for Hunter.

* The attitude reflected in the correction does not strike me as someone who will be making a lot of freinds.  If you’ve got an uphill battle toward an election, you need to be less snarky to survive.


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2 Responses to “Whoa, Hold It. Not So Fast, Little Buddy”

  1. This is almost too funny to be believable. Is this a fake blog? 

    1) Duncan Hunter is in the House of Reps, not the Senate and had nothing whatsoever to do with the gang of 14.

    2) Duncan Hunter is completely against illegal amnesty and has built 15 miles of double border fence in San Diego and passed the bill providing for 850 miles of fence from California to Texas.

    But thanks for your made up blog, it was fun to read.

    If you want real information you can go to http://www.gohunter08.com and educate yourself.

  2. Hmmm.

    It appears I got him crosslinked in my notes with Hagel, somehow.
    I stand corrected.