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Pamela Anderson: Blonde

Pamela Anderson in Uggs

(H/T  photo: Age [1](AU)  

As a member of PETA, [2] Pamela Anderson (pictured left wwaring Uggs [3]) has protested the use of leather [4].  Now, the Daily Telegraph( [5]AU) reports on Anderson’s, epifany:

The Hollywood pin-up credited with turning the Australian boots into a global fashion phenomenon denounced the footwear on her website.

In a truly blonde moment, the actress has suddenly realised that the boots are made from shaved sheepskin.

And mother-of-two Pammy, a staunch animal rights activist who has been a PETA member for a decade, says she is racked with guilt that women worldwide have followed in her footsteps.

Anderson’s last season on Baywatch was 1997 [6]

I don’t know which is the more disturbing thought. One that Anderson would think that women  would choose to use her as if she were a role model, or two, that some fools actually do.

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