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Greeks Bearing Gifts

Shape is not substance. Liberals put undue emphasis on shape and tend be blind to substance.

Rico, Think Progres [1]s, is incensed over MIchelle Malkin’s comment:

I have to tell you, in general, I’m skeptical of anything that has Bill of Rights tacked on to it

I suppose Rico also accepts the theory of anthopogenic global warming because the theory has science tacked on to it as well? ?

Addendum I: (Bit)

I think that he’s “incensed” for one major reason: Liberals have always pursued their agendae in that fashion… to tack stuff onto the Bill of rights, that weren’t there in the first place. Malkin has broken the code, and he doesn’t like that. What this comes down to, is the age-old argument, between a constitutional original intent, and everything else.

Addendum II:  (David L)   When I read Rico’s article in the wee early morning, the number and intensity of the comments were striking.  There were links to about three other blog responses.   The apparent anger hinted a significant blog response.

It seems that cooler heads have prevailed.  The liberal blogger, aside from Andrew Sullivan, do have common sense after all.   Michelle’s comment was precisely defined.   She was not attacking the Constitution.  She expressed scepticism about ideas with the phrase Bill of Rights tacked on.   It is a significant difference and one that most, dare I say all, the TP commenters missed.

Memorandum is not showing Michelle’s article and have not found a lot of responses to it on blogs.   I have been deprived of diet of low hanging fruit.

Don Surber provides an excellent description [2] of said events

If so, she did well. I don’t agree with her full-throttle conservatism. But she has developed into a force on TV. She has figured out how to touch lib buttons without pulling a Bill Arkin.

Last night’s button-popper was:

“I have to tell you, in general, I’m skeptical of anything that has Bill of Rights tacked on to it.”

So tempting a sentence. So alluring. Like a plastic bone attracting a dog by looking meaty, they bit. Pretty soon she had the libs acting as if she attacked the Constitution. Think Progress [1] even linked video.

Of course, she did not mention the Constitution. She attacked crappy legislation that equates being inconvenienced on an aeroplane with the right a fair trial by an unbiased jury of one’s peers — or the right to own a gun.

As it happened, I happened to see Michelle’s comments in real time.  Didn’t view as much more than  common sense , and I suspect  that Michelle merely said in the ebb and flow of the discussion.  Yet no matador ever waved a red cape in front of sword any better than Michelle.   

The last time I checked, Michelle had not posted a response.  Suspect she will not.   I think that Rico et al ought to take pause before they jump at  Michelle.  She clearly out their league.

Addendum III:  (David L)  Ok, my suspicions were wrong.   Michelle has responded, “Not all liberals are stupid [3]:”   I add, but some clearly are.