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Death And the New York Times

Pinch SulzbergerThe New York Times posts pictures of a video [1] of a dying American Fighting Man.   Pinch Sulzberger’s minions showed no respect for the soldier’s family, or the agreement the paper made with the military to gain access.

The Associated Press reports the slow death of a newspaper:

NEW YORK (AP [2]) — The New York Times Co. posted a $648 million loss for the fourth quarter on Wednesday as it absorbed an $814.4 million charge to write down the value of its struggling New England properties, The Boston Globe [3] and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette [4].

Pinch can’t run a newspaper [5].  He should quit telling the President  how to run the country.   When the Times is dead and gone, who will mourn?  Who will mourn?

(H/T photo:  Gawker [6] )