Yesterday Bit wrote:

* John Mellencamp is a five star idiot.  To think I actually had some respect for that fool. (Shudder)

Well it appears that Bit is was not the only one conflicted between John Mellencamp’s musical talent and his Cindy Sheehan mentality.  Dean Barnett, on Hugh Hewitt, has a great essay the “American Fool:”

Confession time: I’m a huge John Mellencamp fan. I’ve been one since I was in high school and “Jack and Diane” ruled the charts. His music, especially his 1987 album “The Lonesome Jubilee,” meant a lot to me. I’ve seen him in concert probably 20 times, although not once in the past decade since I started being an adult and found the spectacle of middle aged men cavorting around the stage like teenagers to be sad, pathetic and undignified.

Barnett adds:

I decided a long time ago to overlook Mellencamp’s moronic worldview. I’m a fan because I like his music. Period. My fondness for his work has nothing to do with an admiration for his geo-political analyses. It’s this same paradigm that has allowed me to enjoy the Dixie Chicks’ music (which I like immensely) even though their lead singer appears to be an obnoxious troll.

Entertainers make a career out dealing with and expressing emotions.   To expert a person from deep inside the realm of emotions, to deal with a world based on facts, in most cases is asking way too much.

I am curious as to exactly what Charlie Rose was expecting from the interview.  It certainly wasn’t  reason or insight.

Appendum:  Just when ready to declare the entire entertainment world idiots, Michelle Malkin  links up with  Glenn and Helen’s podcast  with John Ondrasik, better known as Five for Fightng.   Ondrasik is everything Mellencamp is not.  Best sounding podcast of the day.

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4 Responses to “Dean Barnett on John Mellencamp”

  1. It’s my guess rose got exactly what he wanted… he knows his audience, and knows on which side his bread spread.

  2. It seems to me that aside from that fact that Charlie Rose is viewed in private, writing that Rose expeted Mellencamp to statisfy his audience, almost qualifies as libel.  In that if Rose thinks that his audience is on Mellencamp’s level, he thinks his audience to be idiots.  No further comment.

  3. No, I don’t think he considers them to be idiots,unless he considers himself an idiot as well… and I consider that unlikely.

    More’s the pity;
    He agrees with them in matters such as this, or he’d not have a job at the Pablum Broadcast System.

  4. The human capacity for knowledge, the capacity of out gray matter data base, has not expanded in what fifteen thousanss years?  Which to say as the individual’s capacity for knowledge remains fixed, and the world store of knowledge increases, each individual knows less of the world’s knowledge.  Imagine a link to Milton Friedman’s Nobody know has to make a pencil talk.

    Now we are left with two camps of people.  First those who recognize the limits of their individual knowledge, and then those who don’t.  I call the latter group idiots, or bettre yet self-made idiots.

    If Charlie Rose thinks his knowledge to sufficient and that of Johh Mellencamps to be also, Rose, and Mellencamp are both self made idiots.  Alas they are not alone, but I for one do not want to governed by the Cindy Sheehan’s of the world.