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Dead Man Campaigning: McCain in Iowa.

Forget,the catchy headline,‘McCain Comes Alive in Iowa [1].”    If you actually read Dan Batz’s Washington Post article, unlike the headline writer, you will note the McCain comes across as anything but alive:

John McCain

In interviews, the Arizona Republican has spoken almost in monotone, defending his support for sending more troops into battle in Iraq. On NBC’s “Meet the Press” recently, his body language conveyed distinct discomfort with the constant attention he receives about the war’s potential impact on his presidential aspirations.

Paul, at Powerline [2], offers an accessment, written without benefit of the ethanol:

Jonathan Martin [3] at the Politico reports on John McCain’s campaigning in Iowa. According to Martin, McCain’s campaign events are dominated by questions about Iraq, and McCain’s somber answers are undermining his ability to project the ebullience, and perhaps to generate the enthusiasm, that marked his 2000 presidential bid.

The lights are out John.  Time to go to bed.