Amanda Marcotte as Eliza DolittleWords, words, words, all I ever hear is words and recenlly far too many words about Amanda Marcotte. 

Lane Hudson, on the Puffington Post writes, “Right-Wing Attack Puts Bloggers’ Lives in Danger:”  

The ramifications of Bill Donohue and the Catholic League’s reckless rhetoric has materialized in the form of death threats to bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan. This is what happens when the ultra-right wing is given the megaphone of mainstream media. It is also a complete break down in the responsibility that the media has in vetting those who are given a platform to spread a message.

I say the percieved danger to Marcotte is all in Lane’s head,  It is purely imaginary.

Meanwhile back in the real world a very real danger exists.  Sulejman Talovic, has murdered five people.  They  were Jeffrey Walker, 52, Vanessa Quinn, 29, Kirsten Hinkley, 15, Teresa Ellis, 29, and Brad Frantz, 24.

It might be shock for Lane to learn that Islamofascists simply divide the world into believers and non-believers.   Not being a good Catholic, will not earn Lane any repreprive.  To the Islamists, there is no difference between Lane, Marcotte and Donohue.

Dispite Hudson’s hysteria, Marcotte is alive and well, ISFAIK, not in hiding, not under police protection. and still blogging under her own name.  And Bill Donohue never murdered anybody.

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