Today’s Snark of the Day concerns one of my favorite, and most deserving targets, Mrs. Pelosi and what, what as a man, I can feel but can ‘t say.    So I’ll just let Dr. Melissa Clouthier say it instead:

You know how I’m sick of Nancy Pelosi’s fecund uterus? You know how I’m sick of all the talk of squirming little bundles of bouncing energy and the future and “it’s for the children“?

The reason why this talk brings on my morning sickness, mid-day sickness and and night-sickness too, is that I thinks it is bullshit. Sorry. That was blunt. Just so you know, I don’t view bullshit as a swear word. I favor it, because it’s so descriptive. I don’t believe these ambitious, eat-my-mother-for-breakfast women mean a word of all their professed caring. All this baby talk reminds me of John McCain’s nasty rhetoric about torture. Strange transition, but follow me, here. 

Like Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Pelosi likes to cloak her socialism with children.   After all, who would dare oppose anything which is for “the children?”  

Of course the cows spent decades preaching the mantra that children weren’t necessary and motherhood was no big deal. 

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